Scout Badges

Some of you have been asking about badges and if some of the requirements can be adapted to fit our current lockdown situation. While we would love you to complete some badges there is no pressure. The resource is here if you want it.

As leaders we’ve been looking at the Scout badges and have come up with a list of badges we think could possibly be worked towards/completed while at home. Some of them will need expert help (we don’t know what skills the adults you live with have) so some you might ignore, others you won’t have any interest in but hopefully there is something you can do (if you want to)

For a full list of badges and requirements please see the link in the Scout section. You might spot one you can do that we’ve missed.

As you read the requirements for each badge think about things you have done at home/school/on holiday etc. You don’t just have to do things at Scouts. You can only count things since you became a Scout so if you gave a car an MOT when you were 4 it doesn’t count!!!

The badges are not school projects. We’re more interested in you being challenged and interested by the requirements and putting in a bit of effort than you writing everything up. If you and the people you live with think you have covered everything and you can provide some kind of evidence – that’s enough. Could you video something or take a picture as evidence?

At Home Activity Badges


There are two parts to this badge – Artist and Arts Enthusiast – you choose one.

It is fine to talk to an interested adult (rather than a leader)


Lots of you cover the contents of this badge at school in Year 5

5. If you are unable to build a telescope do you have a pair of binoculars or could you do some telescope research online?

8. c. Could you teach your family how to observe a satellite instead of the Scouts?


You could do this badge by planning the menu for a weekend for your family.


There are 5 sections to this badge but you only need to do one. We would suggest number 3 is a good one to choose at this time.

c. Could you send a creative text, multimedia or video message to a friend or family member to see how they are?

g. Could you share photos and videos of things you’ve been doing since lock down with a friend or family member?


This badge has lots of ideas for making things but you might think of something else to do which is not on the list. We appreciate you might be limited with resources at the moment.

So long as you have made a real effort and have spent about 6 hours making something “crafty” we will award you the badge. You might make several different things during the 6 hours which is fine.

Have you made anything for school which could count towards this badge?


You need to complete number 1 & 2 then choose the next 1,2 or 3. For “Road Cycling” or “Off-road Cycling” it is fine to do it with a parent; talking to them and demonstrating that you have the skills.

The long cycle ride is tricky at the moment. So long as you have taken the time to plan the route we will award you the badge if you have cycled the correct distance over a period of days. You might do 5 miles each day for 5 days for example.


Please make sure you do this badge with the guidance of an adult! (Preferably one who knows what they are doing!)


You may have done some of the requirements at school.

If you are soldering or doing anything else with electricity please make sure an adult if with you.

Global Issues

1. Could you talk to someone in your family

4. We’d love you to share what you’ve done at one of our zoom meetings or share it with your family

5. This one could be interesting to consider. What rights do we have in the UK currently compared to the rights we had in February? What do you hope will happen in the future?


Option 1: Have you taken up a new hobby since lock down?

Option 2: Have you been collecting something for a while? Could you talk to someone in your family about it?

Local Knowledge

Could you use Google maps and earth to complete option 1 or 2?


Do you live with an adult who is a professional or amateur mechanic? Maybe they could pass on their skills.

Only try to complete this badge with an adult.

Media Relations and Marketing

If you interested in this badge please let us see anything you produce before it goes out into the wider world. Scouts have press officers and radio stations and all sorts of other media outlets. County are really keen to hear what Scouts are doing too.

Model Maker

Most of you should be able to complete this badge. Option 1 is very easy.


Choose option 1 or 2 and have fun!

We would love to see your pictures and/or videos


We’re sure many of you are writing things for school. Take a look at this badge and see how many things you can reuse! Remember – you only need to complete 4 on this list.

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