Challenge 5 – Bridge the Gap

Part 1 – Find your materials

One of the greatest achievements of mankind is our ability to build things! So this challenge celebrates that! Your challenge is to build a bridge across your bathtub or sink using whatever materials you can find in your home. You could use construction kits such as Meccano or Lego, craft resources, straws, cardboard and boxes from the recycling bin, whatever you can find around the home. Just check with an adult before you use it though – just in case they want it, or it is dangerous near water!

Part 2 – Get Building

Now you’ve got your building material, let’s get started and make your bridge. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want. You may want to make it strong so that your Egg Scout from Challenge 1 can travel across it, or under it using the Egg Scout raft.

Part 3 – The Grand Opening

Once your bridge is built, hold a grand opening and send a toy boat under your bridge and a toy car over the bridge! Don’t forget, if your Egg Scout survived Challenge 1, then it could sail under your bridge!

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