Challenge 6 – Eti-Cup

Part 1 – Devise a Challenge Course

Ladies from the Victorian Era were taught how to walk properly by balancing books on their head, a form of etiquette. This is a wetter and funnier version. The aim of this challenge is to balance a cup of water on your head, then complete a challenge course around your garden. First things first, decide on your course. You might want to include things to climb over, duck under or go around. Make sure the course is safe and everyone joining in knows what do you. You can always do a ‘dry’ run first with an empty plastic cup!

Part 2 – Prepare your cup

Now you need a plastic or paper cup which will sit on your head firmly. Agree how full the cup should be with water then fill it up and go to the starting line of your course.

Part 3 – On your marks…

Is this a timed event, a race or just for fun – you decide. Once everyone is ready… On your marks. Get set. GO!

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