Challenge 1 – Scout Egg Friend and Rafting

Part 1 – Your Egg Scout

Invest your Egg as an Egg Scout – make a uniform for it, add a funny face and a wacky hairdo! Your Egg might need a lifejacket too!

Part 2 – Raft Building

Build a raft so your new Egg Scout can go sailing in the bathtub or sink. You can make it out of wooden pencils, lollypop sticks, plastic spoons or other water safe craft materials. Use string, rubber bands or sticky tape to hold it together.

Part 3 – The Launch

Now it’s time to lunch the raft with your Egg Scout on board. Don’t forget to get a photo or video of this great event!

If your Egg Scout survives the journey, then keep it safe as it might be needed for other challenges!

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