Weekly Badge Task (Omega)

8th May – Writers Badge

Write two limericks

A limerick has 5 lines with lines 1,2, and 5 rhyming and lines 3 & 4 rhyming. We would like to challenge the Scouts to write one limerick about a leader  (There once was a leader called………) plus a second limerick. Please have them ready for zoom on the 15th May.

An example:

A creature of charm is the gerbil
Its diet’s exclusively herbal
It grazes all day
On bunches of hay
Passing gas with an elegant burble

15th May – Personal Challenge Badge

Have you completed your two challenges for your Personal Challenge Badge?

To achieve it you need to set yourself a personal challenge and ask your parents to set you a personal challenge.

Challenges can be anything that challenge you –

  • Family challenge – household job for a week, being nice to a sibling you don’t always get on with
  • Health challenge – cleaning teeth twice a day for a week, stopping biting nails, more exercise
  • School challenge – to complete all work set each day for a week.

The list is endless.

22nd May – Circus Skills Badge

For those of you who took part in the Circus Skills Workshop in February please do the following to complete your badge:

  • Find out things about circus life and talk about these with an adult
  • Watch at least two circus or street performance events and talk about what you saw.

If you’re not sure if you need to do this or not please check your uniform for a badge with a clown on it or get your parents to look at OSM and your badge records, or get in touch with Vikki and ask.

29th May – Communicator Badge

Take a look at the Communicator Badge. You only have to do one section – we would suggest section 3 – Mobile and Internet Communication. Many of you have almost completed it so check OSM records or ask Vikki what you need to do.

5th June – World Badge

12 of you need to complete the first clause (Discovery) as part of your World Challenge Badge. Once you’ve chosen a topic please do some research and decide how to present it. I could be a piece of writing (which could then link with the Writers Badge), a poster, a video, pictures.

Choose an aspect of local community life and find out as much as you can about it.

You could learn about:

  • local government
  • local history
  • different faiths and beliefs
  • types of farming/industry found locally
  • Tourism
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